Laura Deming

Country: USA
Company: The Longevity Fund
Laura Deming is a prominent venture capitalist and the visionary Founder of The Longevity Fund, a forward-thinking venture capital firm with a mission to invest in cutting-edge life extension technologies and healthcare innovations aimed at extending human lifespan. Her passion for longevity research and her belief in the potential of breakthrough technologies to revolutionize healthcare and improve human health have driven her to establish The Longevity Fund. Through her work, Laura seeks to support and empower scientists and entrepreneurs working at the forefront of longevity research and accelerate the development of transformative treatments and interventions that have the potential to extend human lifespan and enhance the quality of life for people worldwide. Her pioneering efforts in the field of longevity have made her a trailblazer and a driving force in the pursuit of healthier, longer lives for all.
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