Joanna Bichsel

Country: Kenya
Company: Kasha Global
Joanna Bichsel is a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO of Kasha, a dynamic Kenya-based company that is transforming access to health and personal care products for women. With a mission to empower women and enhance their well-being, Joanna has built Kasha into a pioneering e-commerce platform that connects women in underserved communities with a wide range of high-quality products discreetly and conveniently. Through innovative distribution methods and a user-friendly online platform, Kasha has revolutionized the way women in Kenya access essential health and personal care items. Joanna's dedication to social impact and her commitment to women's health have made Kasha a game-changer in the region, providing women with the resources they need to lead healthier and more empowered lives. As the CEO of Kasha, Joanna continues to drive the company's vision of creating positive change and making a lasting difference in women's lives.
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