Elena Toschi

Country: USA
Company: Harvard University
Elena Toschi, MD, is an Italian physician with a notable background in diabetes research and technology. After collaborating with Ele Ferrannini on insulin action and glucose metabolism, she joined Susan Bonner-Weir's lab in Boston to focus on the biology of islets of Langerhans and their regeneration. Having obtained her American medical license and Endocrinology specialization, she joined the Joslin Diabetes Center, focusing on technology-driven approaches for improving outcomes in Type 1 Diabetes. Elena has been pivotal in multicenter trials like REPLACE-BG and DIAMOND, which have revolutionized diabetes care and led to CGM adoption. Currently, she's pioneering the use of technology to manage diabetes in the elderly and restoring hypoglycemia awareness in T1D patients with problematic hypoglycemia, further establishing herself as a leader in the field.
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