Andrea Zitna

Country: UK
Company: Speedinvest
Andrea Zitna is a Partner at Speedinvest, where she leads the Health & TechBio investment team. With a background as an experienced commercial executive and a physicist by training, Andrea brings a unique perspective to the world of investing. She was part of the founding senior team and served as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Elvie, a prominent women's health technology company. In addition to her work in the investment world, Andrea is actively involved in shaping the future of science and innovation, serving on The Slovak Government Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation, and on the Board of Advisors at LUMUS Investment Collective, a female investor community focused on CEE startups. Her passion lies in digital health, Femtech, and mission-driven businesses. Andrea is an alumna of prestigious institutions like Oxford, Harvard, and McKinsey, and her achievements have been recognized with the 2020 Digital Masters Award for Commercial Excellence and as one of Forbes Slovakia's top women in startups from 2019 to 2021.
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