Jo Living

Country: UK
Company: Aura Fertility
Jo Living is a Co-founder & COO at Aura Fertility, a platform designed to support individuals experiencing fertility issues, providing connection, support, and empowerment throughout their fertility journey. With a B2B2C approach, Aura Fertility collaborates with fertility clinics to offer pioneering whole-person care for every IVF cycle. Jo is driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, start-ups, and creating positive social change. Her extensive experience in start-ups, business strategy, and relationship management allows her to unlock resources and effectively manage stakeholders to drive projects from inception to implementation. Outside of Aura Fertility, Jo has co-founded other projects such as LifeUp, a mindfulness e-learning program; Changemaker Jobs, a third-sector jobs board; and She Leads Change, a personal development program for women in leadership.
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