Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy

Country: Spain
Company: Amboy Street Ventures
Dr. Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy ("Mafe") is a renowned Urologist, Andrologist, and Sexual Medicine expert at the forefront of FemTech. Co-founder of Healthy Pleasure Group and Head of Innovation at MINT Hub, she drives the evolution of Sexual Health and Technology brands. With a blend of medical, entrepreneurial, and research prowess, Mafe is revolutionizing FemTech, empowering individuals to enhance their intimate well-being. Dr. Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy has made impactful investments through Amboy Street Ventures. Her contributions include investments in Gennev, Dame, Dipsea, Aunt Flow, and Contraline, showcasing her commitment to advancing innovative solutions in women's health and well-being.
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