Anthony Ortiz

Country: USA
Company: Fifty
Anthony is a published inventor and serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in health and wellness. In 2023, he founded Fitly Health, the world's first Web3 precision nutrition platform that reverses diabetes using gut microbiome analysis and predictive generative AI. Before Fitly Health, he founded Fitly, Inc., a digital health company with a mission to improve human health and longevity. He's an accomplished tech entrepreneur, recognized for his ability to create, design, and launch successful products, while fostering cohesive cross-functional teams. Notably, he founded Fitly, Inc., introducing SmartPlate, an accurate AI-powered food tracker that drove substantial growth and garnered numerous patents. Additionally, he founded Fitly Health, a pioneering Web3 precision nutrition platform aimed at addressing metabolic disorders using predictive AI and gut microbiome analysis. Anthony's entrepreneurial prowess is reflected in his significant funding achievements and commitment to continuous learning, including completing the Healthcare Management MBA course at Wharton.
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