Kristen Fortney

Country: USA
Company: BioAge
Kristen Fortney is the CEO and co-founder of BioAge, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of treatments to extend healthy lifespan by targeting the molecular causes of aging. The company uses its discovery platform, which combines quantitative analysis of proprietary longitudinal human samples with detailed health records tracking individuals over the lifespan, to map out the key molecular pathways that impact healthy human aging. Her multidisciplinary approach fosters collaborative breakthroughs, uniting experts from diverse fields to advance our understanding of longevity. As an adept communicator, Fortney effectively bridges the gap between complex scientific concepts and public understanding, advocating for increased support and awareness for longevity research. With ethical foresight, she steers the responsible development of interventions that could reshape the future of aging, positioning herself as a pivotal figure in the quest for extended and healthier lifespans.
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