Frank Madeo

Country: Austria
Company: University of Graz
Frank Madeo is Professor at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences, University of Graz, Austria. An authority on apoptosis, aging and autophagy in yeast and mammals, Madeo discovered and initiated the field of programmed cell death in yeast and developed most of the techniques for its detection.His lab has long-standing experience in phenotyping and molecular characterization of the distinct causal metabolites of aging and longevity that are conserved across species. Madeo’s research on longevity-promoting, well​-tolerated compounds spans various model organisms, including humans. His recent discovery of the role of spermidine in autophagy induction, cell protection and longevity has pioneered a new and fast-growing area of research.Professor Frank Madeo is one of the world’s most-cited scientists in the field of aging.
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