Stuart Kim

Country: USA
Company: Stanford University School of Medicine
Stuart K. Kim is CEO of AxGen, a genetic testing company dedicated to preventive medicine by identifying early warning signs for injury & disease . Prior to that, he was Professor of Developmental Biology at Stanford University starting in 1989. While at Stanford, he received numerous academic awards including being named a Markey Scholar, a Searle Scholar and an Ellison Scholar for his research on the genetics of aging. He was awarded the Ho-Am prize in medicine in 2004, the Glenn Award in Aging Research in 2008 and was elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2012. He was an editor of PLOS Genetics, was on the National Science Advisory Council for the American Federation for Aging Research, and has been on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Buck Institute, Novato, CA and for Elysium Health.
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