James Peyer

Country: USA
Company: Cambrian Biopharma
James Peyer is a founder and CEO of Cambrian Biopharma, a company focused on translating scientific discoveries into treatments to extend human lifespan and improve health. As an entrepreneur and founder of a longevity-focused venture capital firm, Peyer has demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing technologies and treatments that aim to extend human lifespan and improve healthspan. He is the founder and CEO of Kronos BioVentures, a company that invests in companies developing innovative therapies to target age-related diseases. His leadership extends to his role in mentoring and supporting startups that are dedicated to longevity research and interventions. Through his investments and strategic guidance, James Peyer plays a pivotal role in accelerating the development of groundbreaking solutions for healthier aging. His contributions position him as a key influencer in the intersection of biotechnology, investment, and longevity.
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