Lynne Cox

Country: USA
Company: Oriel College
Lynne Cox is a professor at Oriel College. Lynne S Cox has worked in the field of eukaryotic DNA replication since 1987. Within three years of gaining her PhD, she was awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh personal research fellowship to conduct her own independent research. She studies the molecular and cellular basis of ageing to identify specific biochemical processes and pathways that change as cells and organisms age. She is particularly interested in cellular senescence, a process which may underpin serious age-related diseases including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, lung fibrosis, neurodegeneration, retinopathy and some cancers. By combining traditional target-based studies with broader phenotypic and systems biology approaches, she has identified new ways to control the damaging aspects of cell senescence, with the aim of discovering novel drugs (and their targets) to treat or even prevent multiple diseases associated with later life.
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