Immune Targeting Systems Company

Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) Limited is developing synthetic vaccines for mutating viruses. The Company's enabling T-cell vaccine platform enables it to target highly conserved parts of the virus ("antigens") and direct an T-cell immune response to those cells in the body infected with one of these difficult viruses. The fluoropeptide vaccine technology then delivers these antigens into the body and promotes robust T-cell immunity without requiring potentially toxic adjuvants which are normally used with vaccines to boost the responses achieved.
The company was founded in late 2003 and is located at the London BioScience Innovation Centre, based in London. In June 2007 the company raised its first major venture capital funding from a syndicate of investors including the Novartis Venture Fund, HealthCap, Truffle Capital & the London Technology Fund. Alongside this investment, the London Development Agency has awarded ITS an Exceptional Development Grant.

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom
Industry: Personalized Medicine
Employee Number: Undisclosed
Investment Stage: N/A
Investor Type: N/A
Funding Status: M&A
Number Of Exists: N/A
Technology: Personalized Medicine
Founded Date: 2003