Baobab Companies

Baobab is a company based in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in creating high-quality, multilingual learning data for AI/machine learning. The company was incorporated in 2010 and has a culture and system where each individual works as an annotation professional. Additionally, Baobab is also considered to be the world's leading independent interactive animation studio, focused on VR animation and the creation of compelling stories, believable characters, immersive worlds, beautiful art, and high-quality animation.


Last Funding Date: 2023-01-30
Investors Number: 12.0
Industry: Infrastructure
Last Funding Type: Seed
Headquarters: Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Total Funding: 9389953.0
Funding Status: Seed
Estimated Revenue: USD 2.93 BillionBaobab
Founded Date: 2021-01-01