Aldebaran Robotics Company

Aldebaran Robotics designs, manufactures, and sells autonomous humanoid robots for entertainment purposes. The robots are also used for reception, assistance, home care, and autism therapy. Aldebaran Robotics’ products include NAO: a 58-cm tall humanoid robot developed to serve as a friendly companion that moves, recognizes, hears, and talks to human beings; Pepper: a social robot that converses with humans, recognizes them, and reacts to their emotions while moving and living autonomously; and Romeo: a 140-cm humanoid robot intended to deepen research on assistance for the elderly and those who have lost autonomy that has the ability to open doors, climb stairs, and grab objects on a table. Aldebaran Robotics was founded in 2005 and is based in Paris, France.

Headquarters: France
Founded Date: 2005
Technology: Hardware, Manufacturing, Robotics
Industry: Manufacturing
Funding Status: M&A