ChannelSight Company

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and backed with funding of €3.3m in 2015, ChannelSight has had <1% churn since being founded in 2013. The company has built a global retailer network of thousands and is now scaling a proven go-to-market strategy while leveraging patent-pending technology to offer innovative solutions to new market segments that represent an exciting multi-billion €/$ market opportunity. Brands use ChannelSight’s technology to make digital content ‘shoppable’ by adding Buy Now call-to-action buttons to content across all channels, devices and platforms. As users engage with content, develop a buying intent, they see a clear, frictionless path to purchase, driving them down the sales funnel. ChannelSight enables brands to: • Drive up conversion rates, on average 3X the normal conversion rates • Generate clear, measurable brand ROI, averaging 10:1 in year 1 • Capture & gain advanced visibility of conversion and retailer performance data from the channel and feed Publishers & Broadcasters use ChannelSight’s technology to monetize new or existing content libraries by making TV, video, articles or other content shoppable. With ChannelSight’s technology publishers and broadcasters can: • Create incremental revenue capturing engaged users at every touchpoint • Provide relevant products programmatically based on type of content and commercial preferences • Improve the user experience with reduced invasive ads pop ups Leading the way in innovation, ChannelSight has developed a number of exciting new innovations in the areas of artificial intelligence, chat bots, voice commerce, AR/VR and IoT device integrations. With ChannelSight everyone wins! Consumers receive an improved user experience, brands, publishers and broadcasters monetise all content with the latest technology innovations, and retailers gain higher converting traffic.

Headquarters: Ireland
Founded Date: 2013
Technology: Advertising, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Internet of Things, Lead Generation, Predictive Analytics, Saa
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Funding Status: Early Stage Venture