Wandercraft Company

Wandercraft develops and sells the first exoskeleton to walk self-balanced, providing a realistic gait without crutches or technical aids. Its first commercial version, Atalante, was CE-marked in 2019 and is sold to European rehab hospitals to improve gait re-learning treatments. As of June 2020, FDA approval is on the way. The company develops a slimmer, sleeker and agile Personal Mobility exo for daily life usage. Wandercraft is a full-stack company integrating competencies in algorithmics, AI, robotics, production, clinical, marketing and sales. Wandercraft's exo is the first realistic, autonomous walking device for the walking impaired and also likely the first bipedal walking robot to be a commercial product and not a lab prototype.

Founded Date: 2012
Technology: Health Care, Medical Device, Robotics
Funding Status: Early Stage Venture
Headquarters: France
Industry: Healthcare