Jiqi Zhixin Company

Jiqi Zhixin is a technology media platform focusing on artificial intelligence, robots, and neurocognitive science. Since its inception, it has always insisted on providing professional, objective and serious high-quality academic and industrial content, outputting truly valuable information and knowledge to artificial intelligence practitioners and enthusiasts, and using the power of high-quality content to properly guide and even influence the artificial intelligence industry. development of. It is precisely because of this that the heart of the machine has been highly recognized by many domestic and foreign technical experts, senior executives of technology companies and artificial intelligence practitioners, and has rapidly developed into the most senior and active organization in the field of artificial intelligence information services in China. At present, the heart of the machine has a total of 500,000 high-quality users on each platform, WeChat end has an average daily PV of 50,000, and 60,000 daily active users. At the same time, the heart of the machine has deployed full-time technical analysts, industry analysts and advisors in key areas of global artificial intelligence, outputting original technical analysis articles and industrial analysis reports, and paying attention to the global artificial intelligence industry first-hand news reports. In September 2015, the heart of the machine gained millions of dollars in angel round investment. In February 2017, it received a Pre-A round of financing. The investors include Lenovo Star, today’s headlines, source code capital, X-Flight Industry Investment and Morningside Capital, etc. .

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Founded Date: 2015
Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Developer Platform, Information Services
Funding Status: Early Stage Venture
Headquarters: China
Industry: Information Services