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Predictiva is a technology start-up company with a unique business model and operates as a Limited (Ltd.) company in the UK. Under the expert leadership of a creative thinking and innovative team, we are strategically structured to cater to a distinct market need through our advanced Artificial Intelligence models.Predictiva runs a business that will provide innovative, top of the line services, in a supportive and fun atmospheric environment for employees and high-quality customer service. We always advocate for creativity and inventiveness across our entire team. We treat clients feedback with total seriousness and adjust our strategic plans and capabilities accordingly.While Predictiva will start operating in the UK, we have the mindset of a born-global start-up. We will seek to extend our business model to other countries in the EMEA region in the first three years of business.Our first product, Investiva, is a machine learning agent which maximises the profits gained from trading financial markets using the state-of-the-art deep reinforcement learning algorithms. The agent achieved unprecedented profits during the simulation period. It succeeded in achieving multiple folds of the initial investment per year, without any human interaction. Investiva uses a novel approach and a distinct reinforcement learning architecture than the currently available architectures and results in more profitable and less risky trades.As per various recent studies, almost 95% of retails traders lose money while trading the stock markets. This is because of the human limitations such as being prone to emotional trading, not being able to follow up with the market all the time, and not being able to take all the factors into account simultaneously. Investiva utilises the state-of-the-art algorithms to overcome these human limitation by dealing only with facts, being able to follow up with the market 24/7, and being able to track all the stocks with an arbitrary number of factors simultaneously.Our VisionOur vision is to allow organisations and individuals easy access to the latest technologies by providing advanced Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics as a Service.Our MissionPredictivas mission is to expand into a multi-unit global organisation. We aim to build a continually growing client base who are very loyal and can always market us through personal trust.

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Headquarters: Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Employee Number: 1-10
Funding Status: Pre-seed
Industry: Finance
Technology: Developing Software
Founded Date: 2016