Xcel Pharmaceuticals Company

Xcel Pharmaceuticals are a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on prescription products that treat disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). They currently focus on neurology, a segment of the CNS market where a limited number of high-prescribing physicians write a significant number of the prescriptions for neurology products. Their product portfolio consists of four commercial products and two product candidates. Their commercial products include two epilepsy products, Diastat® and Mysoline®, and two migraine products, Migranal® and D.H.E. 45®. Their product candidates include MT 300™, a potential treatment for migraine, and retigabine, a potential treatment for epilepsy. their nationwide field sales organization promotes their products to high-prescribing epilepsy and migraine specialists. Their strategy is to increase prescription demand for Their lead products through targeted sales and marketing efforts, to successfully develop and commercialize Their late-stage development product candidates, to leverage Their CNS presence through the acquisition of additional late-stage development product candidates and commercial products, and to develop enhancements for Their current products. Their corporate infrastructure is designed to support Their field sales organization, to manage Their product development efforts, to identify and pursue the acquisition of additional late-stage development product candidates and commercial products, and to manage Their product enhancement efforts. They have developed valuable relationships with experts and third-party consultants that They intend to utilize for the advancement of late-stage development product candidates, including retigabine, through the development and regulatory approval process. They also utilize third parties to manufacture and distribute Their products and to support Their product development and enhancement efforts.

Founded Date: 2001-01-01
Technology: NeuroTech
Investor Type: For Profit
Funding Status: M&A
Total Funding: $180M
Employee Number: 101-250
Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States
Investors Number: 4
Last Funding Type: Debt Financing
Industry: Health Care, Medical, Pharmaceutical