SteadyPay company

SteadyPay exists to improve the financial wellness of all gig economy workers. Our service enables gig economy workers to enjoy consistent income even when they work inconsistent hours (due to such factors as reduced shifts, fewer bookings, time of sick and holidays). Using the SteadyPay mobile app, customers securely link to their bank, we then work out the customer's average income and monitor for when income drops below that average. When this happens we provide a top-up, advancing money to the customer's bank to bring their income back up to average. No interest is charged on the top-up; we are a subscription credit service. By smoothing out income we enable gig economy workers to budget with confidence for everyday essentials, and in turn reduce the need to turn to high-cost credit solutions that trigger debt spirals.

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom
Industry: Apps, Financial Services, Health Care, Information Technology, Software
Technology: WealthTech
Estimated Revenue: $1M to $10M
Employee Number: 1-10
Last Funding Type: Venture - Series Unknown
Founded Date: 2017-04-01
Investor Type: For Profit
Investors Number: 5
Total Funding: £2.9M