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Built by the pioneers of the human genome sequencing effort, Human Longevity is the global leader in advancing the Human Longevity Care movement, on a mission to discover and harness the technological and biological unlocks that amplify span of life, health, & high-performance.

Human Longevity, Inc. is committed to accelerating living to 100+ by revolutionizing the landscape of the current system of “sickcare” to true “healthcare”. By continually adding and analyzing our client’s health data, we are transforming treatment from a reactive practice to one that is proactive, preventative, and personalized.

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Headquarters: San Diego
Employee Number: 51-200
Founded Date: 2013
Investment Stage: N/A
Technology: Personalized prognostics
Investor Type: N/A
Number Of Exists: N/A
Industry: Precision Medicine
Funding Status: Early Stage Venture