NovellusDx Company

Novellusdx develops tumor specific driver mutations. It focuses on testing targeted therapy drugs on emulated tumors and quantifying their therapeutic effect, monitoring the oncogenic activity of the patient's relevant genes and proteins, and monitoring the oncogenic activity before and after drug administration. Novellusdx develops assays that detect disregulated translocation of mutated signaling proteins to the nucleus; and measures the impact of a drug or drug candidate on a specific tumor, specifically in terms of its ability to inhibit the up-regulated signaling protein translocation to the nucleus. Haim Gil-ad and Yoram Altschuler founded it on May 1, 2011, with its headquarters in Jerusalem in Israel.

Last Funding Type: Series C
Total Funding: $91.5M
Funding Status: N/A
Number Of Exists: Series C
Employee Number: 11-50
Estimated Revenue: $1M to $10M
Technology: P4 Medicine
Investors Number: 12
Founded Date: 2011
Headquarters: Jerusalem, Israel
Investment Stage: N/A
Industry: Personalized Medicine
Investor Type: Company