Applica solution replaces humans in business processes that require understanding of text. Typically it speeds up documents turnover, replaces up to 75% of human workforce, makes business processes scalable and fully repeatable. Thanks to a combination of NLP with deep learning Applica engine has human-level precision. It is available in SaaS model with a monthly subscription fee. Exemplary use-cases include: automation of legal debt collection process (classification, extraction of information and interpretation of bailiff and court letters); automation customer care in telco (classification, extraction of information and interpretation of claims from customers); automated verification of credit documents (extraction of information from notarial acts and verification against credit agreements); extraction of information from unstructured medical documentation; automated processing of incoming invoices (extraction of information from invoices).

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Founded Date: 2013
Investment Stage: N/A
Technology: Machine learning
Investor Type: N/A
Number Of Exists: N/A
Industry: Others
Funding Status: Seed