Rubinstein & Schmiedel Companies

Rubinstein & Schmiedel AG is a company that has developed an investment software for trading cryptocurrencies using artificial intelligence. The software tracks the 50-100 most important cryptocurrencies 24/7 and analyzes their movements to make profits when prices are rising and protect them in phases of falling prices. The software is diversified by the number of cryptocurrencies traded, strategy approach, and time horizon of the strategies. Since November 2020, the strategy has been trading seed money from the founders and friendly investors, generating attractive returns and suffering significantly lower fluctuations and losses in value than the crypto markets. RS AlphaCapital GmbH is offering the strategy to qualified professional investors in Switzerland and England, with plans to offer it to qualified German investors in the future. The company believes that AI will profoundly change the world of finance and develops fully automated high-precision trading systems that can create systematic returns that professional traders and rule-based algorithms currently cannot match.