Silicon Roundabout Ventures Investors

Our Mission at Silicon Roundabout Ventures (SRV) is to back entrepreneurs who are to shape the next-generation of technology and to provide superior returns to our investors through our Venture Capital funds. We do this by capturing the explosive growth of early stage Deep Tech startups in the UK. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Distributed Ledgers and Cybersecurity are among our key investment themes. SRV in a Nutshell: * Founded in 2011, our monthly Silicon Roundabout meetup is now the largest tech community in Europe with 14,000+ tech startup entrepreneurs, engineers and founders * In 2019 alone our network made us reach 5000+ startups, of which we reviewed 1000+ and selected to present and/or work with about 100 * We also work with several tech incubators, accelerators, universities and established corporate sponsors across Europe, including Oracle for Startups, Oxford University Innovation Centre, Cambridge University Accelerator, DataPitch, Founders Institute, Google for Startups, etc. * Proprietary networks that give us access to a huge selection of Deep Tech talent, software developers, corporate decision makers and companies that are to shape the 4th Industrial Revolution * Notable Seed / Series A startups selected to present at Silicon Roundabout in recent years: Humanising Autonomy, Medopad, Oxbotica, Fluidly, BlueVision Labs, VividQ, Monzo, Crypto Quantique among others.

Employee Number: 2-10 employees
Technology: Startup Competition, Venture Capital
Headquarters: London, England
Industry: Accelerators
Investor Type: Technology - oriented Investor with Venture Investment Focus