At we empower the worlds fastest-growing brands to scale their brand interactions and put their relationship with customers first. More and more companies are realizing the power of Conversational Artificial Intelligence to improve the relationship with their users but building a virtual assistant capable of understanding language has proved to be more challenging than is a full-service Artificial Intelligence platform to build, scale and analyse conversational experiences. Our offer is based on a proprietary no-code SaaS platform, which allows the development of cutting-edge AI products such as:BUILD: meaning automated customer experience without a single line of codeSCALE: meaning advanced tools for training activities and AI improvementANALYSE, meaning AI powered customers insight extracted from conversations.By facilitating two-way, smart and dynamic conversations, our customers are using our technology not just to save money, but to increase their digital touchpoints conversion and to extract business-critical insights.We have secured the development of virtual assistants for some of the most innovative companies in the world in any kind of industry, such as banking, pharma, insurance, manufacturing, retail, energy, online services, etc. all over the world. Among all big brands and customers ever acquired, the Fintech industry is one of the most active in building state-of-the-art automated customer experiences, such as the Santander Consumer Bank success story shows:

Funding Status: Series A
Employee Number: 11-50
Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Messaging, Software
Founded Date: 2016
Headquarters: Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Industry: Finance