Women's Health Access Matters (WHAM) R&D Center

WHAM was created in response to the considerable funding gap, historical exclusion, and underrepresentation of women in health research.WHAM works to increase awareness of and funding for women’s health issues and to improve the inequities and bias in research by accelerating scientific discovery in women’s health in four primary disease verticals – autoimmune disease, brain health, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The WHAM Investigator's Fund makes investments in cutting edge sex & gender research in our areas of interest.The WHAM Collaborative brings together researchers and clinicians from leading institutions focused on women’s health to advance sex and gender research.The WHAM Report builds the business case for change by quantifying the economic impact of accelerating investment in women’s health research. WHAM commissioned the RAND Corporation to create this report.

Founded Date: 2021
Headquarters: Greenwich, United States