Ophthorobotics Companies

Ophthorobotics is a Swiss company that develops medical robotics to provide a high-tech solution for delivering intravitreal injections to treat chronic ocular diseases. They are developing the first fully automated system that can perform safe and precise injections into the eye, which can increase safety for patients, reduce costs for medical staff, and decrease procedure times. The company's medical robotics also includes an iris scanner that can identify patients and continuously track the eye for precision. Ophthorobotics is committed to developing cutting-edge technology to provide safe and comfortable treatment to patients.



Last Funding Type: Grant
Total Funding: 30372
Technology: Biotechnology, Health Care, Information Technology, Medical Device, Robotics
Investors Number: 1
Founded Date: 1/1/14
Headquarters: Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland
Industry: BioTech & Health Care