InSphero Company

InSphero AG is a Swiss company that develops 3D microtissues and microtissue-based assays for drug testing and biochemical compounds screening. They offer various microtissues, including human prostate and mammary carcinoma, and rat liver microtissues. InSphero also provides services such as compound toxicity testing, stem-cell research, tissue engineering, and transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics studies. They offer custom development services, including microtissue development and morphometric data. InSphero's microtissue system allows for the generation of various model systems using either tumor-derived cells or primary cells to mimic the structure and function of diverse organ tissues. Their 3D in vitro models are transforming drug discovery with non-animal methods.


Employee Number: 11-50
Funding Status: N/A
Number Of Exists: N/A
Industry: organ-on-a-chip
Estimated Revenue: $1-$10 millionInsphero
Founded Date: 2009
Investment Stage: N/A
Technology: COVID
Investor Type: N/A
Headquarters: Schlieren